Akasha Reading

Wouldn't it be exciting to get all the answers to all your questions since the creation of your soul until this very moment?

Do you wish to get an access to who you really are, where you come from, what you have experienced in your past and what your real potential is for your future?

Do you finally wish to learn about the solution to your problems that you have been trying to solve – perhaps already for a very long time?

Siona Rea is a master of Akasha Reading and the only incarnated being on the planet having direct access up to the 13th level of the Akasha Records in this reality. Her reading is based on unconditional love, compassion and deepest respect for every existing being, in accordance with the highest divine rules and in accordance with 100% Light.

What are the Akasha Records?

Everything on this planet and in the whole multiverse that is happening, has ever happened or will ever happen is recorded. These recording are called the Akasha Records.

To be more precise – if you understand that time and space are only a construction of our 3D mind, then you are able to ‘travel’ to any aspect of the multiverse (including all beings) in the past, present or future. Furthermore, you can bring this information to you, look at it and read it like from a book. That is why this process is called ‘Akasha Reading’.

So in the terms of modern technology you could say that the Akasha Records are a ‘Universal Wide Web’ where it is possible to get any information, about anything and anybody – anytime and anywhere.

Got it?

Our 3D mind has got a hard time to understand as the Akasha Records are existing in a multidimensional state without terms of space, time, place or any other limitations.

This superhighway of information is always open and it is free for everyone to access. But as you have to prepare to run a marathon (train your body, improve your condition, change your diet, increase your running track), a training of many years is needed to do it in a profound, responsible and respectable way that is in accordance with the divine laws and in alignment with 100% Light.

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