Holistic Center For Healing And Enlightenment at the Bosnian Pyramids

The valley of the Bosnian Pyramids in the little town of Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina is truly the most powerful and sacred place on planet Earth.

At this mystical place, Siona and her team started to build the AORA holistic center for healing and enlightenment. This very unique interdimensional area allows inhancing the quality of healing, spiritual transformation and growth up to an outstanding level.

So far, six pyramid structures have been officially discovered:

  • The Pyramid of Sun
  • The Pyramid of Moon
  • The Pyramid of Love
  • The Pyramid of Dragon
  • The Temple of the Mother Earth
  • The Tumulus

Don't be surprised if they find many more!

With two of the Pyramids (Sun and Moon) being taller than the Cheops Pyramid in Egypt, this area is outstanding among all Pyramid complexes on the planet. On top of that, miles of underground tunnel systems with healing chambers and unique healing energy have been found and can be visited for meditations and rituals.

This is a spectacular place for healing and enlightenment.

SIONA REA is a specialist for true ancient history of planet Earth and the multiverse. She is blessed with the knowledge of how to connect with the inner core – the heart of the pyramids.

Do you wanna take the chance and get the access to this wisdom and learn what the pyramids are really about? Do you wanna boost your spiritual transformation and achieve the inner breakthrough that you are looking for so long?

Come and join us for a 'once in a lifetime' retreat!

More informations about the AORA Holistic Center for Healing and Enlightenment will be available soon.