Business Coaching

Your solution for maximum success

Coaching for managers and executives

This is the training for executives and managers to become masters of authentic leadership. You will realize and solve your subconscious patterns that are holding you back from creating maximum success and wellbeing for yourself, the people you are leading and the company.

Coaching for founders and owners of a company

Siona will show you how to become a master of manifesting your visions with maximum success and on the top of this, how to become a happy and healthy person both in business and in private life. She will identify your subconscious patterns that are holding you back from reaching your goals, improving your life and being a perfectly balanced and successful.


Siona will establish harmony on conscious and subconscious level of all employees and executives to create maximum success for the company and perfect well being of all employees. She will offer solutions that are combining the goals of the company and the goals of every individual for bringing satisfaction on all levels of working and everyday life.