Energy Parks

‘Let me invite you to the Energy & Healing Park at the MANAS Holistic Center in Ljubljana and the Energy & Healing Installations within the Ravne energy park at the Pyramids of Bosnia.’

Look at the pictures and open your heart. Feel the informations of stregth, balance and healing flowing through you. Read the text and absorb the energies and frequencies that are coming with the words.

These constructions are pure energy movement bundled and manifested in beautiful installations. It’s a place for deep recharging and relaxing, like a little journey that is reminding the whole system about the true and authentic inner center, strength and peace.

All these installations are created and manifested by Siona.

Follow your inner call – come and visit – get your own unique energy experience!

The Circle of Life

Manas Center Ljubljana

The Circle of Life helps strengthening life energy and raising awareness. A circle within a circle with a cross represents the link between the Universe and the Earth, between the spiritual and the material. Once inside the circle, you can receive what your soul (not your alter-ego) asks for and what you need in a given moment.

The sections represent four basic elements: earth, air, water and fire, which are all equally represented in each section, yet with different aspects according to the direction of the Sun. We recommend you to stand where you feel the most powerful energy flow and let yourself go to the energy of the Universe. The recommended time inside the Circle of Life is 3 to 5 minutes.

Infinity Symbol

Manas Center Ljubljana

The Infinity Symbol balances the male and female energies. The left part, which is the female circle, reinvigorates the elements related to the female principle. It helps to overcome problems with the thyroid gland, reproductive organs, menstruation, osteoporosis, bile, pancreas, spleen, sight, ears and migraines.

The right part, which is the male circle, enhances men’s virtues like decisiveness, action or pervasiveness. It helps mitigate problems with the heart and bloodstream, liver, kidneys, prostate, stomach, bones and muscles, throat and nose. It is specially recommended for balanced couples. In this case each of them choose one circle, turn towards each other and make energy connection with each other. You always enter both circles and stay longer in the one you need more. The recommended time inside the Infinity Symbol is 4 to 10 minutes.


Manas Center Ljubljana

The Galaxy offers a balanced healing energy that is following the principle of 13 chakras. The Galaxy activates the spiral energy, thus stimulating the proper functioning of the chakras. 28 cosmograms (special symbols carved in the marble plates) enhance the qualities they represent and the connection between foundation stones in the Galaxy.

The Galaxy is recommended for people having problems with the spine and joints, lower back pain, and for alleviating acute problems. It also helps you be more relaxed and at ease. The recommended time inside Galaxy is 3 to 5 minutes