München: 30. November and 1. & 2. December

The Key to the mastership of your life

Akasha Readings

~ Milbertshofen München ~

What does „true mastership of your life really means“ and what does is not mean?
Understand/see the biggest barrier standing in the way of this knowledge.
What to do? How can you live what you know/understend?

All these answers and much more are written in Akasha Chronik in Book of Life on your page.
Siona Rea will teach you how to access these records and how to use it in everyday life

The purpose of the workshop it is not only personal, but also to increase frequency of the whole Germany as a country. For all those who, in any way work with/for Light, it is especially desirable to attend this workshop. With your participation in this workshop, except of your personal growth, you will further help anchoring 100% Light to whole Germany, deleting its heavy karma as well as speed up raising consciousness of its residents.

For the first time in Munich the internationally renowned spiritual teacher SIONA REA:

Light Worker, Medium, Channeler, Master of Holistic Healing, Master of Wisdom, Spiritual Teacher, Universe Solar Teacher, Master of 100% Light, Master of Saanyo Method and Inventor.

For over 40 years, Siona accompanies people on their spiritual path to their self awarnes and beng One again. With her comprehensive Knowledge, her Power and
Love, she reconnects you with your deepest inner-self, with your true mission and mastership in life.

It doesn't matter where you are in your life at this moment.

The decisive step to the true mastership of your life is awaiting you always and everywhere. But what does „TRUE MASTERHIP“ really mean?
And what is still standing in the way to achieve it? Why are you not able just to live „IT“?

In this workshop you receive answers to this questions.

Follow your inner voice and become the true MASTER OF YOUR LIFE.

Seminar will be lecture in German!


Milbertshofen Munich, Bischof-Adalbert-Straße 23a / Munich


30. November. 2018, 17. - 20. p.m.

1. and 2. December. 2018: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

PRICE: 399,00 €

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