The Saanyo Method®

Many factors on different levels can cause small or serious problems in life for example illnesses on physical or psychical level as well as trouble with family, relationships or at work.

No matter what kind of support you are looking for, you will receive it from Siona and the Saanyo Method® in a unique way, individually adjusted to your needs. And always in accordance with the highest good of your soul, the highest good of the divine and in alignment with the 100% Light.

The Saanyo Method® offers you limitless possibilities and is able to help you with any kind of problems.

In addition of healing any level of illness or imbalance it gives you an uplifting boost for consciousness to raise up to the levels you have never experienced before.

What makes the Saanyo Method® so special?

The Saayno Healing Method® is an Interdimensional Holistic Healing Method with the 100% Light. It heals and clears infinitely through space and time, appearing out of the Oneness and leading into the Oneness.

The short version of ‘Saanyo’ is ‘SAA’. The energy of ‘SAA’ is the energy of ONENESS. The Oneness is the space of here and now within every existence is taking place. That is why every issue can also be healed in this space of here and now. But this 'here' is not a place and this 'now' is not a moment of time. It is a state of being, a state of consciousness.

The Saanyo Method® is planting a seed of 100% Light into the center of everything you are. This spot of 100% Light is able to expand through all levels of your existence. For this reason, every issue that is healed or cleaned is also solved in the past, presence and future and on all levels of your existence. It is healed and cleaned forever. The force and speed of expansion are taking place in accordance to the free will of every being.

The Saanyo Method® can not only solve your ‘3D issues’ like physical, emotional or mental problems. Furthermore it can raise your consciousness up to the levels you have never experienced before.

The Saanyo Method® follows very strict rules linked with the 100% Light. These rules are in accordance with 24 laws of the Omniverse, including the knowledge for physical and psychical health.

Finally the ‘Saanyo’ methode wants you to step into your own mastership, learn perfectly how to help yourself and be in no need of a healer or therapist anymore.

Siona is happy to support you with any kind of problems

The Saanyo Method® Training

Saanyo Method® takes into account a system of 24 steps and has 12 levels of training. It is an education for healers and therapists, for those who are just starting with healing and those who are already experienced healers and therapists and need more comprehensive and complex training.

The Saanyo Method® was invented by Siona and is taught to everyone who is interested in learning about true Holistic Healing.

More informations about The Saanyo Method ® Training

The Sign of Health

Three circles with special symbols in between

1) Three circles represent three levels of existence – physical, spiritual, energetic.

2) The point in the center represents God and ‘being ONE’ with everything.

3) The Wheel of Life represents the infinite life with no beginning and no ending.

4) The Lotus Flower represents purity, a connected with the 3D world and a connection between the multidimensional and the 3D realities.

5) The sign beside the Lotus Flower is the Chinese sign for a long life.

6) The infinite triple spiral without beginning and ending represents the three aspects of God – God Father, God Mother and the Holy Spirit.

7) Beside the triple spiral there is the symbol of perfect balance between opposite energies, like male and female, yin and yang etc.

8) The star is a sign for fortress, protection and safety.