The Stargate

House Pyramid

Bathe and relax in sparkling cosmic energy light.

Receive the blessings from the Omniverse that are waiting just for you.

Open your heart and travel to worlds you've never been before.

The Stargate (also known as House Pyramid) is a unique device for treating and balancing the whole energy system of an individual (chakras, energy bodies etc.). It was developed with the knowledge of multiversal principles and multiversal energies. It is very effective in treating various diseases like stress, neuroses, insomnia, headaches, panic attacks and anxiety.

Further more the Stargate is a multidimentional portal that is supporting the individual doing astral traveling. Are you curious about doing astral traveling? Or maybe already experienced in exploring our multiverse?

No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced professional. The Stargate is inviting you to a knowledge you've never been before, with the knowing and carrying company of Siona always by your side.

This very special Orgone Generator with its specific pyramid structure is build out of carefully selected unique materials. It's a complex construction of crystals, crystal pyramids (24), gold, silver, copper, stones, wood and different colours.

The aerodynamic design and the choice of materials collects the energy of the universe, concentrates it and conducts it down into the generator in horizontal, vertical and spiral movements, within and around the person sitting in the centre.

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